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Plasco product line, detergent and hygiene, cellulose

Cellulose, hygiene and detergent products of brands such as Pelgon, Yekta, Bita, etc.

Food products line

Food products of brands such as Vanderlife, Topsi tuna and ...

Line of health and beauty products

Health and beauty products of brands such as Yekta, Bita and ...

Successful experience of Pilgon Experience

Zarrin eagle Commerce Company is proud to have collaborative experience with Zarin plast Company in affair of distribution of Pilgon products. Distribute Pilgon brand products with the best quality and appropriate serving is beginning of collaboration with other brands, stated in Iran. This Organization is proud to continue its work as exclusive distributor of this valuable and qualified brand in level of Tehran and Alborz province.

Some other brands are partners

Zarrin Eagle Trading Company cooperates with various and prominent brands of the country

About us

Zarin eagle Company has commenced its activity as a capillary, carotid and chain company of consumer products since year 2013. Approach of Zarin Eagle company to the supplier has ever been as a commercial strategic partner during value chain of goods and management of this company, in order to meet expectations of the suppliers, programs the systems and procedures , so that risk of capital is being at least possible. This company, with studying and researches of market, tries to supply the products of the suppliers at the best point in objective market and creates one stability competitive advantage.

Our commissions

Supply consumer goods FMCG in reputable companies of internal & external production of commodity outsourcing development Company for basket of goods with cover of all canals of sale throughout country.

Our Objectives

Increase quality of distribution & sell the products FMCG
Increase quality of distribution & sell the products FMCG

Our Perspective

Having used the most efficient equipment & procedures, utilization of the expert forces & distributing the best products, we are converting to the largest & most efficient Distribution Company in Iran.

Capillary Customer’s Classification

Customers classification with 32 assessment indications in classes VIP , A ,A, B, C, D throughout provinces of Tehran and Alborz, for representing of real targets & create a special relation of the important customers

Some of our abilities

In along to realize the targets of Zarin eagle Commerce Company that is the same reduction of risk of supplier and reduction of its concerns regards sale and distribution of the goods, we are proud to act with ability of scientific strategic and academic knowledge for system of distribution and sell the goods and in sale engineering unit, , the analysis obtained from process of selling of the goods is empowered to the supplier.

Professional broadcasting with scientific science

Scientific approach and academic knowledge towards the system of distribution and sale of goods

Report sales and receipts to suppliers

Reporting with the possibility of setting up a workstation at the supplier's location by providing a picture of important information

GRS Geographical Reporting System Reports

Using GRS system, it always provides special reports and facilities to the supplier

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